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Vania Bailey is one of New Zealand’s top makeup artists, regularly working with some of the country’s most gifted and talented photographers, top broadcasters and fashion designers, as well as for a large number of bridal parties in the Hawke’s Bay region. She is also an eyebrow expert, offering the latest innovation in semi-permanent makeup, 3D Eyebrow Embroidery (Microblading).

As a child, Vania had an avid interest in art, and could be found with a paintbrush or makeup brush in her hand at all times. After completing a university arts degree, Vania pursued a career in the cosmetics industry. She went on to work for TVNZ on television shows including Xena and Hercules, as well as for luxury cosmetics brand Christian Dior where she received the prestigious “Dior Makeup Artist of the Year” award.

Vania now resides in Hawke’s Bay where she has gained a reputation as a bride’s best friend, offering her makeup services to the region’s many bridal parties. She also works as a freelance makeup artist and stylist for photographers, fashion designers, editorials and newspapers.