How to avoid becoming a BRIDEZILLA

No woman wants to become a bridezilla when planning her big day. Of course, every bride wants her wedding to be just perfect. She expects everyone to understand and do exactly what she wants. At times the entire endeavor leaves her feeling overwhelmed and as a result she starts treating others like her personal property.... BRIDEZILLA!!!!!

Start by making a to-do list: All planning starts with a to-do list and wedding planning is no different. Once you have something to refer to, you can easily calm yourself down when something doesn't work out or takes an unexpected turn. There are even apps to keep you organized as well as customizable wedding planning checklists that you can refer to in order to help you plan a perfect wedding.


Set a realistic budget: You must have set a budget for your wedding. Make sure it is manageable and realistic because the last thing you would want to get into as a bride is financial trouble. Don’t order things you don’t need. Also, prioritize everything according to their importance and then breakdown your budget to accommodate each and every item on your to-do list. Remember, no matter how well you budget...YOU ARE ALWAYS GOING TO SPEND MORE!

Get support: Wedding planning is not an easy job. So, be prepared to ask for help and even professional help when it comes to arranging flowers, decorations, invites, and everything else. When you have experienced and trained people around you, you will find yourself relaxed and comfortable with the choices they make.

Involve the groom: Yes Yes i know, this sounds like too much to ask...but.... it is perfectly all right to engage the groom with atleast SOME of the wedding preparations. You may ask him to find a band / DJ, help put together the guest list etc. Deciding who's in, who's out, this is a mans job! (You can't do this without him -- Your DNA makes it impossible!). Your H2B can be your eyes and ears, he WILL tell you if you are approaching that dreadful condition we are all too familiar with.

Take care of yourself: Even if the big day is just around the corner and the preparations seem like they are taking forever, there is no need to lose your sleep or compromise your health. Take good care of yourself; don’t miss your regular workouts and beauty regime. And don’t forget to eat healthy. If you don’t look after yourself before your wedding, chances are you will not only end up becoming a bridezilla but also affect your appearance. Aromatherapy also helps and so does touch therapy.  


No doubt wedding planning can take its toll on many! Not just yourself, but those around you!  Follow the tips discussed in this article to avoid becoming this intolerable and meager creature; so opposite of what people envision when they hear the word ‘bride-to-be’.    

Ryan Mulder