Choosing your photographer

Now this is a VERY crucial step in planning your wedding! The photographer you choose to go with will be the one that captures your special day and you want to make sure it is perfect! One who will be fun to hang with on your wedding day, professional and experienced enough to exceed your expectations, and so talented that they will produce the dream images you will treasure forever! 

But where to start?

You may want to look for a photographer who lives near your home or wedding location, but don’t stop there as you may find someone who fits your style perfectly but they don’t live close by..(most photographers are willing to travel).

View the photographer’s website and blog, and imagine yourself in their pictures. Look at how they pose, (or don’t pose), the couples they’re photographing and ask yourself if their style feels right for you. View a body of work from several weddings and take note of how well the photographer shoots in different lighting situations and under different circumstances. If you’re drawn to natural light photos in sun-drenched places such as Waiheke Island but you’re getting married in a boutique lodge lit by chandeliers in the heart of Southland, you’ll want to be sure your photographer excels at capturing photos in all types of settings.

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Connection is key!

Once you’ve found at least five photographers who you would like to contact, reach out and see if your date is available. Ask each artist to provide you with their price lists, packages, and contract information as well as several references, and set up a phone consultation. Ask about their approach to their work, and what makes them love shooting weddings. Find out what you can expect from them on your wedding day and throughout your relationship. Keep in mind that not every great photographer is a great wedding photographer, so be sure whoever you choose has not only the talent, but that personal connection with you and knows your style!

What are my options?

Once you have a good set of choices, evaluate the information you have gathered. Think about the quality of customer service you have received so far, and how you feel about the photographers you have contacted. Ask yourself who you trust the most and how excited you are to have them as your wedding photographers. Consider their pricing and packages and how important wedding photography is to you in terms of your overall budget. Keep in mind that when your wedding day is over, your photos will help you remember it for the rest of your lives together.

Once you’ve made the connection with the right photographer, share your vision of your wedding, so your photos can be a true reflection of your story. Chemistry between you and your photographer is vital to ensure you look relaxed in your pictures and that you fully enjoy your wedding day.

Time to relax ladies!

When you’re wedding day arrives, be sure you’ve allocated all the time you need for the pictures you want, and then relax and let your photographer create the images you’ve hired them for. When you work with an outstanding photographer there is no need for you to worry that they will miss anything important and they’re bound to capture hundreds of priceless, in-the-moment images that you could never imagine ahead of time. So, walk down the aisle, dance with family and friends, (and of course, your new husband) and let your photographer handle all the little things that go into creating your amazing wedding just that much more magical!

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