Simple HOW TO guide on floral designs!

It can be disputed that one on the major contributing parts of a wedding is the floral design. Flowers can be used to enhance a wedding theme or carry out a colour palette. While most couples expect to have gorgeous floral arrangements for their wedding, not everyone has the knowledge to put together their floral design, or know what would compliment their venue and the theme.

Most couples have a vague idea of how they want their wedding day to look like. An awesome way to find inspiration is through Pinterest. - Visit our Pinterest page for inspiration on different floral designs and themes.

It’s important to consider the dress and the venue when looking at different floral arrangements because these two elements have a dramatic effect on the style and feel of the day.

Most often we use the “wedding colour” or a complementing colour for the flowers. For instance, if you choose dove grey for their Bridesmaid dresses, you could complement that with cream or yellow, or red or orange, or purple or pink, depending on the theme and style that you are wanting to convey. You could tie in the grey with a grey ribbon on the bouquet stems, or have the menus printed in grey to tie it in at the dinner table. 


Handy hint : Once you have chosen a date for your wedding, choose flowers that are in season, this will make things A LOT easier and cost efficient!

Look around you for inspiration! Whether it be Pinterest, or your friends weddings, look for what colours make you happy and what types of arrangements you are drawn to. Do you like tall large arrangements or compact ones? More modern and streamlined or more organic in shape?  

Once you have selected your venue and decided on the type of celebration you will have, you can pare down the board to what will work in that space, in the season you are getting married in, and at the time of day of your celebration. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to have a chat to your florist! When I was getting married I showed the birdcage my pinterest inspiration and it turned out the flowers I loved were not in season. Fortunately for me, they had a bunch of flowers that were and that achieved the same look. This saved me hundreds of dollars - and meant I could get far more floral decorations to fit out our venue.

Got any feedback? We would love to hear from you!

Good luck xx

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