Pro's And Con's to Gift Registries

Wedding registries are nothing new. We are all aware of this program but nowadays it has become even easier because of all the stores offering this service not only in New Zealand but all over the world. The couple can get registered with a website and then list the items they would like to receive as their wedding gifts. The guests choose those items depending on their budget and are saved the hassle of actually finding a gift themselves. Some people think it’s a great service; while for others it seems an impersonal way to gift someone who is about to start a new phase of their life.


-     The guest simply has to choose a gift from the list and order it online. It saves them time and stress of wrapping the gift up and then labeling it with a personal message.

-     The couple gets to create the list themselves so there is no chance they wouldn’t like the gift.

-     The couple may create various registries by visiting two or three stores of their choice. This gives them quite a number of options when it comes to choosing gift items.

-     At many websites, the couple gets to see what other people are registering for; this way they can easily choose items without even having to see them in person.  


-     Some websites that offer this service do not offer high-end luxury items so the couple would have to limit their choices to simple, ordinary products.

-     Many products like pottery and handcrafted items cannot be bought through registry.

-     There are only limited choices for guests as they might be interested in buying something that isn’t listed.

-     Some couples tend to choose extremely expensive items, which is not a good idea as a gift is supposed to reflect the other person’s values and feelings and not their pocket.

-     There is no way of knowing if the gift ordered online actually reached the couple. Many people just hate sending thank you notes to all the guests.

-     It’s inappropriate to let the couple know how much you exactly spent on their gift. A gift is supposed to be just a gift, not something that is weighed against its price. So, this whole idea of wedding registry may not appeal to all those who think like that.

Everything has its pros and cons. No doubt wedding registries have made the process of selecting gifts for the newly-wed couple extremely easy and straight forward. But for those who like to spend time contemplating what they should buy, how they should wrap it and what kind of personal message to include with the gift, this whole idea might not sound very appropriate. Moreover, when you order online, there is no way of knowing whether the gift would actually reach its destination or not

Consider these pros and cons and then choose whatever suits you as a couple.       

Ryan Mulder