Things your guests will actually notice

Not a single guest is coming to your wedding with the expectation of being dazzled by a successive unfolding of events and seating arrangements. Guests are not there scrutinising your every planned detail down to the type of flowers in your bouquet. They have come to celebrate an amazing day with you and loved ones, in saying this, there ARE a few things that your guests will tend to notice. The things that the vast majority of weddings guests notice are:

A happy couple, in love, and getting married.

That they are fed, that they are fed enough food, and that they are fed at a reasonable time. Basically, before they get hangry. There is no one in the world grumpier than a hungry wedding guest.

That there is enough alcohol, and the music playlist is something they can dance to, whether that be generic ipod and speakers, DJ, or live band. (lets be honest here, bands are always a hell of a lot more fun)

They may also notice a generally lovely space, but if you polled wedding guests three days after any wedding and asked them to describe the centerpieces, ninety percent of them would answer you with, “… umm...they… were… pretty? And… had… flowers in them?” (Exception: if you have particularly STUNNING centerpieces, your aesthetically driven guests will probably notice. These instances are very rare though. Most of the time guests could not describe a centerpiece from a wedding a few weeks later, EVEN if they had helped set them up! Unless the centerpieces catch fire from melting candles, but hey, that’s another story!

All that said, things at weddings do need colour (dresses, ties, flowers, linens, etc.) so you’re going to have to decide on some. Look around your house, and at your wardrobe, and see what colours you’re generally attracted to. Or think about the weddings you’ve been to that you actually remember and loved the colours of, and take note of what they were. Or look at photos of previous weddings at your venue and figure out which ones look the best to you. There are no rules, and be suspicious of anyone who tells you there are. Have no strong feelings about flowers? Look through some florist galleries and pick out some pictures that you think look pretty. Pick out a colour that you think complements your bridesmaids, or that matches your bedding. Go with what makes you happy! (No one will care if your bridesmaids dresses somehow in a small way clash with the table clothes!).

Have a dress you love, or a centerpiece idea, or a specific type of food you absolutely can’t do without? GREAT, build your wedding out from there. Just realise that it may give you limits. 

The best way to start is to choose the guests first, then your venue, then everything to build around these points.


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