Region | Auckland

Travel | Yes

Price | $3000 +

Phone | 021 100 2000

E | avosaphotography@gmail.com 

W | www.avosa.co.nz

Avosa is a way for me to create epic works of art.Art that is filled with emotion, movement, memory and a rich depth of colour.

I love the emotional connections that are built with the people that I photograph and how so much of that can be captured and stored for future generations as a visual inheritance.

My goal is to give you art that you will want to blow up across your wall.

I am sure that you have a beautiful and unique story to tell. I would love to help you do that.

Every client whom I have photographed has been an exciting and unique adventure, making it such a privilege to get to know and be a part of each of those narratives. The better I get to know my clients, what they love and what they are after, the better I can tell their story.