Tarureka Estate

Photographer Candy Capco | Venue Tarureka Estate

Tarureka Estate is one of the places / venues I can never get tired of.
One of the very first weddings I’ve ever covered was in Tarureka and the excitement I had then at that first wedding is still very much present whenever I’m back there.
Especially when there are amazing people involved.

Matt and Anna were married on the day they met 8 years ago.
A friend  had set them up for a blind date in Wellington and they’ve been inseparable ever since.
Their wedding day was filled with sunshine and laughter.
The perfect day for two very beautiful people.

Matt and Anna, thank you so much for letting us play a small part on your big day.
Jay and I truly enjoyed hearing stories about your adventures together and getting to know you more.
We wish you both a lifetime of wonderful memories you can share together.